Thursday, 20 November 2014

How Do Hearing Aids in Bulleen Work?

Bulleen is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It is a few km of Melbourne’s CBD area. It has a population of more than ten thousand people according to 2011 Census. But it has also been noticed that people in this region use hearing aids the most.

Hearing aids in Bulleen are available with two kinds of technology-analogue as well as digital.
The analogue hearing aids are not used so much nowadays in Bulleen. They basically pick up sound, translate them into electrical signal, amplify them and then feed them into the ear. Some of the analogue hearing aids are able to detect whether sounds are quiet or loud and thus whether they should be amplified or not. This means they recognize that loud sounds like traffic do not need more amplification. The feature is called automatic gain control.

The digital hearing aids in Bulleen, on the other hand, are more advanced than analogue aids. They have a silicon chip that comprise millions of electrical components, which process the incoming sound continuously, convert it into a lot more clearer and audible sounds and then release these at proper sound level into the ear. The sophistication of these devices enables them to distinguish between sounds, which should be amplified and unwanted noise, which should be reduced. This demarcation enables the wearers to differentiate same sounding speech sounds in a much clearer manner.
Because these are advanced hearing aids in Bulleen, digital aids may be adapted to work with the person’s personal way of lifestyle and degree of hearing loss. They have several pre-set programs that can be used in various situations, like as concerts, or parties where there is too much of background noise.

There are various kinds of hearing aids available in Bulleen but all the different types of aids have the same five main components-the microphone, the microchip, the amplifier, the battery and the receiver. It is with the help of these components that hearing becomes easy. The microphone basically picks up the sound from air as it enters the ear and converts the sound waves into the digital signals. The amplifier then strengthens those digital signals. There is the speaker, which converts these signals into vibrations, which then pass via the inner ear to brain. The battery powers the device. There is also the microchip, which is a miniature computer. It helps the wearer to tune and personalize the device matching with his or her lifestyle.

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