Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Tax Accountant in Auckland

Hiring a tax Accountant in Auckland is not an easy affair. You need to choose the right person for doing this task for you. If you end up selecting the wrong person, you might have danger days ahead. So, ensure to hire someone who is a professional and an expert in this field of work. 

If you browse the Internet typing the keyword 'tax accountant in Auckland' you will find a number of results in the search engine result page. You might be confused whom to hire.
In such a case, how would you know which tax agent to appoint? Make sure you ask the following important questions before hiring because these questions will help you make the right decision. 

What type of business do you generally work with? 

This is the first and foremost question that you should ask your accountant. Ask him whether he has been working with businesses that offer products and services like yours. Only if they say ‘yes’, move forward. A restaurant business has certain rules to be followed for tips and wages whereas the real estate firms have certain criteria on how income is reported. 

Do you work all through the year? 

This is an important question that you should ask because there are many accountants in Auckland who shut their doors after the tax season ends and reopens only for following tax season. If you are a small business owner, you may need the help of the firm any time of the year. So, definitely find this out 

Who is going to do the work? 

Ask this question directly to your accountant because many times it has been seen that the professional accounting firms outsource their work to a third party. It is not that those companies or third parties may offer you bad or unprofessional service; the only thing is you might be having difficulty communicating with them or speaking with them directly if some kind of problem or requirement arises. 

How often are we going to communicate about tax related issues? 

Every tax agent in NZ will be different when it comes to frequency of communication for tax planning purposes. So, before hiring, ask about the approach of the accountant and make sure you are satisfied with the communication level. You should be comfortable when calling them with tax related issues. 

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