Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Foam Rollers Should Be Used Properly to Get Best Results

You might have probably seen a foam roller if you go to gym. You can even see them everywhere in Sydney-at the pools, the beaches and the tracks. Some of you might have even bought one for yourself. It is basically a cheap and lightweight sports accessory that keeps the body fit. Storing them at home is also easy. It doesn’t take much space and can fit into a bike bag. So, if you are travelling to competitions or camps you can carry it with you if you want to keep your body fit and healthy.
This sports accessory is mainly made from Australian made Dunlop foam in Sydney. It looks like a firm log and is a valuable part of a runner’s warmup routine. It improves blood circulation and that gets the body ready for a workout and helps it in recovering afterward. Rolling basically breaks down the knots, which limits the range of motion. It prepares the muscles for stretching as well.
If used properly, a foam roller has the capacity of releasing the tensions as well as tightness between the fascia and muscles. This tightness or tension is generally caused by constant moving patterns. Dynamic stretching as well as foam rolling can help in improving the flexibility and the range of movement and minimizing the injury risk.
 Using the body weight is the main thing in foam rolling. If there is an area that really hurts, go gentle and support some weight elsewhere making use of your arms. You can even add a lot more weight when your muscle relaxes.
To do the rolling properly, moderate pressure should be applied to some muscle making use of the roller and the bodyweight. Rolling should be done slowly. When painful or tight areas are found, you need to pause for some seconds and then relax as much as you can. You should feel your muscle releasing and slowly the pain must lessen.

If you find any areas that are too painful for applying direct pressure, the roller needs to be sifted and pressure needs to be applied on surrounding area and slowly work for loosening the total area. The main goal of using this fitness accessory is to restore the healthy muscles of human body. 

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