Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Important Facts You Should Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs are found throughout the world but they are very common in Melbourne, Australia. They are oval, small insects, which feed by sucking the blood from animals or humans. They do not fly. Adult bedbugs may be 5 mm-7 mm in length whereas the nymphs may be as small as 1.5 mm. They may live anywhere in homes of Melbourne. They may live in the cracks in furniture or in any kind of textile, including the upholstered furniture. But they are commonly found in beds, including the bed frames, box springs and mattress. Since they can be alive for months under favourable conditions without eating any food, they may be found even in residences that are vacant. 

Several news report in the recent years have focused on discovery of the bedbugs in the upscale hotels in Melbourne and a number of cases have been filed by the guests in these hotels who only awoke to find several bedbug bites covering up their skin. Since bedbugs may arrive on clothing or in suitcases of the guests from the infested houses or hotels harboring pests, hotels are often an easy target for the bedbug infestations. Other than hotels, these creatures are even found in the office buildings, theatres, shelters, laundries and other places. 

Fecal stains, shed skins and egg cases of the bedbugs in the cracks and crevices on or near the beds can be present, but only observing bugs themselves may confirm the active infestation. They are however sometimes mistaken for small cockroaches or ticks. The assistance of a professional pest control company may be needed to help identify and remove the bedbugs from home. There are many pest control companies that offer the services of bed bugs removal in Melbourne.

These creatures are most active during night. They bite exposed areas of the skin when a person sleeps. Common locations for the bedbug bites include the neck, hands, arms and face. The bite of bedbug is painless and usually remains unnoticed. The bites are mostly mistaken for a rash of another cause. Flat, small or raised bumps on skin are a very common sign.The symptoms include swelling, itching and redness. Basically, there is no treatment needed for bedbug bites. Only if the itching gets severe, oral antihistamines or steroid creams can be applied for relieving the symptom.

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