Monday, 23 March 2015

The Trend in Marine Fabrics in Australia

Marine fabrics suppliers in Australia, are often getting requests to supply brighter, bolder colours for the exterior use. Magenta, bright oranges, limey greens and purples are all now in the conversations. Light, watery and bright blues are even gaining quite momentum. These aren't the mainline colours but there is a bit of movement to these. Navy blues, blacks, greens and blacks along with the neutrals are dominating the marine applications in Australia. 

But it is also important to know that a single occurrence of any new pattern or colour doesn't constitute a trend. The new boat manufacturers are making products to appeal to the big market segments, which means they should stay within mainstream of the consumer preferences. Tailor-made works have more preferences. It is due to this, now you will see fashion-forward patterns as well as trends similar to the home d├ęcor in big boats with the big staterooms than in the smaller watercrafts. 

According to many, the trend in design industry happens to be the batik-style fabric. It is a wonderful artistic fabric used nowadays. There is a version of Sunbrella that would remind you of it known as El Greco Calypso. Trends such as this, which are exotic and unusual are becoming the preferences of consumers who are looking to custom design their marine upholstery in Northern Beaches. Rather than upholstering big pieces on a vessel with this kind of fabric pattern, you can see using them in accent pillows. 
Jewel tones from fashion world have also become a trend these days. They are often used onboard reminding us of light-hearted, sunny and young days. 
All those people who spend quite some time in shop of the local boat dealer and attend boat shows might have seen that the accents, which the new boats have is the way to find out what's popular now. Marine vessels, especially the boats try to mimic the home-market trends.  
However, jumping on any trend actually depends on the mentality of the clients, whether they are ready. It becomes vital to evaluate the clients in regards to their personality, age, the vessel as well as its purpose for presenting them with the right kind of fabric. It is also true that when any typical fabric pattern is the trend, customers tend to avoid using them. Being careful with the trends as fabricators is thus very essential. 

The technology that's used for making these marine upholstery fabrics generally have a greater water resistance, durability and increased breathability. Environmentally friendly finishes are used more for safeguarding both the client and the environment nowadays. In fact, there is a growing demand for these environmentally-friendly products along with consumer awareness as well in Australia. 

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