Monday, 6 April 2015

Protect Your Ears From Loud Noise

Loud noise is harmful for the ears. It damages the ears especially the sensitive structures that are within the inner ear. Hearing loss is the result. However, loud noises may not be physically painful to cause the hearing damage. The harm is basically cumulative same as UV rays of the sun the exposure to which gradually damages the skin even if you do not get sunburned. The higher is the level of sound and longer is the exposure, more might be the damage. Just remember one thing-if you ever damage your hearing, it will never come back. You may have to use devices like hearing aids then. In fact, a lot of people in Bulleen with hearing loss use digital hearing aids to hear properly
Do you know how much noise is actually too much? If you have to raise your voice or shout loud for carrying on a conversation, the noise is the then probably quite loud. If your ears get sore or start ringing, it may mean that you have already damaged your hearing. Give some time for recovery. It is also important for you to know that your day to day activities may not harm your hearing but a few activities may cause damage even if it is for a very short time. The noises, which may place your hearing at threat include noisy disco, personal stereo with maximum volume, gun shot and the noise of jet taking off. 
To help you protect your hearing, you can try adopting some of these behaviours: 
Avoid going to places where there is too much of noise and sound. If you are unable to avoid a loud sound, all you need to so is protect your ears using earmuffs or earplugs. Tissue or balls of cotton offer very little protection. Special earplugs are made for musicians for protecting their hearing while preserving sound quality of music. It is also essential for you to know how to fit ear plugs in a proper way. 
If your workplace happens to be quite noisy, have a talk with the concerned officer about making it a quieter place. It is basically the responsibility of the employer to offer a safe work environment. After all, there is a national standard for noise exposure in workplace. 
Intense but sudden sounds like gunshots are especially dangerous and may cause permanent and immediate hearing loss. 
Give rest to your ears from noise very frequently. Limit your time in noisy places and make sure to take breaks regularly in some quieter places. 
Set your portable music player's volume at a moderate level. Never turn up your stereo's volume for drowning out the background noise. Set volume to a level where you may be able to hear someone even at your arm's length talking at a normal pitch. 
Always take care of your ears and don't expose it to loud noises. If you damage your hearing, it will never come back. However, if you're concerned about your hearing, get your hearing checked. Ace Audiology, one of the reputed audiologists in Bulleen, offers free hearing screening check-up for adults and hearing services to Office of Hearing Services Voucher Holders. 

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