Sunday, 3 May 2015

Warning Signs Of Hearing Loss in Adults

If you believe you or your loved one is suffering from hearing loss, the first thing you need to do is get your ears checked. An audiologist would be the best person to do this by conducting different kinds of hearing tests in Bulleen. In fact, this is the simplest way that you can do to learn about hearing and what is to be done to treat it. 

The tests are basically painless and do not take a lot of time. It takes less than fifteen minutes and identifies whether a hearing loss really exists and if yes the degree to which the hearing loss may affect your daily life. Ace Audiology in Bulleen offers free hearing screening check-up for adults. So, if you think, you are having difficulty in hearing properly, contact Ace Audiology. 

But before you visit the audiologist for an assessment, it is important for you to check for these warning signs. Only if you find you are facing the following things, then only make an appointment with Dr. Yazdaneh Galt of Ace Audiology. Here are the warning signs

  • You are able to hear but is unable to understand 
  • You are having difficulty in understanding people until and unless they're facing you 
  • You are finding it harder to hear in a noisy situation especially when there are groups of people surrounding you
  • You think that people are mumbling 
  • You turn the television a lot more loudly than you should or than other people 
  • You don't hear your phone ringing or your doorbell quite often

Hearing loss basically means that some of the sounds cannot be heard. The other effects of this problem, which may interfere with communication and listening include the loud sounds that often cause discomfort, particular type of speech sounds that are inaudible and difficulty in hearing when there is a background noise. It can even be hard to tell where these sounds are actually coming from. 

However, if you are really facing these warning signs don't think that you are amongst the few who is suffering from this kind of problem in Bulleen. In Australia, one out of every six person suffer from hearing loss. So, this problem is quite common in the country. 

Remember--your hearing problem may affect your ability to enjoy your life fully. It can result in loss of confidence or cause social embarrassment to you because of difficulties with conversation. It may even leave you at a risk of missing crucial warning sounds like traffic and smoke alarms. So, if you think you are experiencing these warning signs, get in touch with Dr.  Galt of Ace Audiology as soon as possible and get a hearing assessment done in Bulleen to learn whether you really have hearing loss. 

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