Monday, 29 June 2015

How to Avoid Bedbugs When You are Travelling?

Bed bugs are commonly found in accommodation facilities such as hotels, rental apartments, motels and inns. So, when travelling, you need to be very careful that you don't bring bed bugs home. It is thus always wise to exercise a few precautionary measures when travelling to keep bedbugs away.

Tips for packing

In order to avoid packing up some nasty bed bugs with your luggage, use a suitcase with a hard shell because it has less seams and folds for the critters to conceal themselves. Put all your belongings including clothes, shoes and toiletries in plastic bags with seals.

Prior to unpacking at the booked room

Most travellers will throw their luggage on bed or zip it up and place it on the floor for keeping out wandering insects. But this trick does not work all the time. Consider placing all kind of baggage that you may be carrying on a baggage rack or inside the bathroom, where activity of bed bugs is more unlikely.

Inspecting the room where you are staying

Look for crevices, cracks, folds, and ruffles in your room, as these are common hiding places of bed bugs. Pull back and thoroughly check the bed covers and pillow, and also the corners of the mattress, bed frame and box spring. Complement your hunt with a flashlight. Sometimes the bloosuckers may also hide behind mirrors, paintings or wall hangings.

If you detect an infestation

Instead of taking things in your hands, inform the concerned person so that he or she can contact the pro who provides bed bugs pest control. Also keep one thing in mind, when changing the room, do not accept one that is directly above, below or adjacent to the infested room.

When you are back home

If you accidentally carry back even a few bed bugs with your luggage, they can quickly initiate a full-fledged infestation. Do not bring in your baggage immediately after coming back from your trip. Take them to the garage, shed or any other suitable place away from your abode and perform a thorough inspection. Wash all your clothes and place them in the dryer for around 30 minutes. In case, even after so much precaution, you catch sight of a bug or two at your house, sought the services of a residential pest control in Melbourne specialising in beg bugs removal

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