Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Basic Tenets of Modern Residential Architectural Designing

In the modern times, architecture involves consolidation of old as well as new elements. From dwellings designed and constructed during the last century to those built today, the numerous variants of residential architectural design seen today augment and contribute to the exotic and varied characteristics which define the region the houses themselves reside in.

Besides structural qualities, vegetation and trees also play an important role in blending and softening different architectural styles to a picturesque whole. Modern and traditional, small and large, all elements seem to mingle perfectly when complemented by the natural exquisiteness of vegetation.

However, here are some of the basic tenets, which needs to be followed by modern architects: 

Importance of Site Assessment

The first major step towards designing a residential structure is to visit the site where it is to be constructed. The shape, size, topography of the site along with potential positive and negative effects of the area must be considered when assessing the lot. Site assessment aids the architect in developing a sound idea of the additions and subtractions pertaining to the site and its surrounding area, that can be utilised for augmenting the good and mitigating the adverse.

Regulations and Their Influence On the Design

Local building codes play an important role in deciding how a residential structure will look like and relate to its neighbouring properties. Some locations have comprehensive sets of standards and regulations dictating the limits on height, size and setback requisites. These regulations assure that different home sizes and styles can develop within such limitations which allow considerable amount of creativity without hampering the overall looks of neighbourhoods in the city.

Green Technology

Energy saving and eco-friendly technologies are perhaps the greatest advancement in the field of modern residential architectural designing over the previous decade. Contemporary houses are being developed with a keen focus on improvement of sustainability and functionality using such technologies. Nowadays, home buyers are more aware of the prevalent green technologies. As a result, they often tend to opt for products and components which offer environmental improvements and energy savings, especially when price differential is not large.

Final Say

While perfecting residential architectural design, one thing must also be kept in mind that it is ultimately the clients who drive the overall style of the home. They generally know which style will reflect their preferences the best, or if they have got inspired by some particular home they saw somewhere earlier. The main aim of a professionally skilled architect is to encompass the client’s input and design something feasible which complements and props their lifestyle.

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