Sunday, 30 August 2015

Common Wood Boring Pests and Ways to Eliminate Them

In the diverse and vast community of pests that cause different types of problems in residential as well as commercial premises, there are some who have the capability of inflicting damage on wooden items. Some of them have a diet that consists primarily of wood, while others simply bore through it in order to gain access. Although there is quite a handful of pests exhibiting either of the two behaviour, four of them are the most notorious of all – termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles and carpenter bees. Let’s have a look at them in detail and some measures that can be used for controlling them.


The most common wood borers not only in Australia but all across the world, termites cause millions worth of property damage every year. After infesting a particular place, they can easily remain concealed from sight and keep chewing on wooden items slowly. One of the most effective ways of termite treatment and prevention is to use liquid treatment solutions that can be applied near suspected areas in and around the premises. Not only does it eliminate the existing termites, but also create a protective barrier against future infestations. Another effective control method is to place bait stations in close proximity of their activity grounds. Termites ingesting the bait will carry it to the nest and eventually kill the entire colony. However, using monitoring and bait stations can be tricky to use and it is recommended to get in touch with a reputed pest management company that provides efficient services of termite control in Melbourne.

Carpenter Ants

These insects have the habit of building nests in wood and cutting galleries within hollow wood grain for creating passageways and sections. Carpenter ants generally reside in moist areas or places with a water source nearby. For controlling them, it is essential to locate their nests first and then remove or eliminate them using treatment solutions.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles can bore holes in wooden items of varying sizes, ranging from those not wider than the diameter of a pencil to large oval cavities. Spraying liquid insecticides in their activity grounds can sometimes be effective. However, the only way to deal with a full-fledged infestation is by contacting a professional firm dealing with pest control in Melbourne.

Carpenter Bees

These powerful bees can easily drill holes into decks, soffits, posts, bare or painted wood and wooden furniture. Petrol, diesel, aerosol carburetor cleaner and boric acid can possibly be used for eliminating a few intruders. However, the safest way to control or get rid of them is by letting professionals take care of the job.


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