Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Control Cockroaches Safely?

With their prickly legs and filthy appearance, cockroaches are stuffs of nightmares for many people. These pests are not only hated for their abhorrent looks, but also due to their nasty habit of contaminating food items and spreading a wide range of diseases among human beings. They generally like to dwell in warm and moist areas and may even feed on fermenting and decaying material, besides savouring fresh food stuffs. Their faeces and exoskeleton fragments can trigger allergic reactions and asthma, and the pathogens carried by them are responsible for various human gastrointestinal problems.

Controlling the entire population of cockroaches in any given area can be very difficult and is not possible with just one measure. In order to achieve long-term elimination, it is essential to begin with a thorough inspection that is followed by exclusion and proper sanitation. Calling in a professional company that deals with cockroach pest control in Melbourne would be excellent, as they would know exactly what to do and how to prevent further infestations. 

A uniform infestation may require a flushing agent, probing tools, a strong flashlight and a search mirror. Common signs indicating the activity of cockroaches are bits of shed roach skin and egg shells. Some pest control professionals may also use a kind of monitoring tool or device for detecting the presence of cockroaches and locating their dwellings, such as sticky traps. Areas which are moist and warm, and close to food sources should be searched well.

After the inspection comes exclusion, which means decreasing the movement of cockroaches and their hiding grounds. All gaps and crevices, from where the cockroaches may emerge or gain entry into the area, should be sealed up using urethane foam or silicone sealant. The nooks and crannies suspected to be the shelter of cockroaches must also be clogged entirely.

Besides eliminating the existing critters, it is also important to make sure that fresh ones from outside do not enter the premises and start multiplying. For that, all food and water sources should be removed from the environment that generally attracts cockroaches. Maintaining sanitation is a key to success for any pest control program. Apart from killing the cockroaches and eliminating them from the structure, proper sanitation should be done with vacuuming and steaming. Pest control technicians often make use of specially designed vacuums and steam units for trapping cockroaches in those areas where the infestation is unusually severe.

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