Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are oval and small brown coloured insects. They basically live on blood of humans or animals. The adult ones have completely flat bodies. Their body size is like apple seed. After feeding, their bodies get swelled up and become red in colour. These insects don't fly but can move very quickly over ceilings, walls and floors. It is the female bedbugs that lay eggs about the size of a fleck of dust. The immature bedbugs are known as nymphs shedding their skins 5 times before they grow completely & need blood in their meal before every shedding. These bugs can fully develop within a month under favourable conditions & start producing 3 or 4 generations each and every year. Although these insects are a nuisance, they don't transmit diseases.

Hiding places for bed bugs 

Bedbugs can get entry to your home through clothing, luggage, used clothing & couches as well as other items and you may not even know that they have taken shelter in your house. It is basically the shape of their bodies that allow them to fit in any tiny space. They don't have nests like bees or ants. However, they usually live in groups in the hiding places. Their popular hiding places include box springs, mattresses, headboards and bed frames. It is in all these places that they hide and the worst part is it is from here that they get to bite people at night. However, over time, these creatures can scatter through bedroom and move into protected isolation or crevices. They can even spread to any apartment or room that is nearby.

When these creatures bite 

Bedbugs become active mainly during night. They bite people when they are asleep. They feed by getting pierced into the skin & withdrawing blood by their elongated beak. These creatures usually feed from 3-10 minutes & then go away without seeking anybody's attention. Most of the time the bites do not cause any pain. It is only that the area where it has bitten becomes itchy after a while. People often think the itching that's caused because of bedbug bites to be mosquito bites. Unlike the bites of flea, which are typically around ankles, bedbug bites are noticed on any region of skin that's exposed when sleeping. Their bites don't cause any red spot like the bites of flea.

If bedbugs are present in your Melbourne property, you should take immediate steps to get rid of them. Take the help of professionals if you need. You can find many companies offering the services of bed bugs removal in Melbourne. Get in touch with any one of them. You can also get rid of them by cleaning up the places where they live. Use steam to get rid of bed bugs  – that's the best thing that you can do. Also make sure to repair cracks and get rid of clutter around your bed.

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