Friday, 15 January 2016

Important Questions To Ask When Hiring Fencing Contractors In Perth

If you are wanting to build a new fence or replace an old one, you are obviously going to take a few quotes from the fencing contractors in Perth and compare them to see who offers what price. However, don't always compare the fencing contractors basing on the quotes that they charge; there are also many important things that you need to consider before hiring one. A few essential questions need to be asked to them are given below. Make sure you ask these questions because they are vital ones and whether you are taking the right decision and getting the best value for money would very much depend on these questions. 

Do you have any guarantee? 

You would definitely not like to spend money buying and installing a fence that fails to provide you the much needed security, privacy and aesthetic that you have desired. So, always ask the contractor if there is any guarantee provided by them. Don't ever assume that all fencing contractors in Perth offer a guarantee when it comes to their workmanship. Some of them do and some do not. Some may provide warranty only on their materials whereas other may only cover the workmanship. However, there are also contractors who offer guarantee of their materials as well as workmanship. Look for these pros. The length of guarantee even matters a lot.  A minimum of 2 years guarantee is good.  Get in writing the guarantee that's being offered and for how long. 

Where do you get your materials from? 

It is always safe to use Australian materials because foreign materials may not meet Australian building & safety standards. So, make sure that the contractor you hire uses Australian materials. For instance, Colorfond steel fences are ideal for Perth fencing. They are able to withstand the weather conditions that are prevalent in Western Australia. So, if you are a Perth resident make sure to hire one of the best fencing contractors in Perth that can install colorbond fences and gates from Bluescope steel for you. 

Will the fittings used be rust-proof? 

This is a very important question but is often overlooked, which shouldn't be. This is because rust is the biggest enemy of fencing. When you ask this question to the contractors you will get prompt answers from them that they use galvanised rust-proof panels and steel posts. Whenever they say this, ask them about smaller elements like hinges, welds, screws, poles, latches etc. which keep fence together – whether they are rust-proof as well. Using fittings which aren't rust proof would cause the fence to fail. 

Is your fabricator trade certified? 

A few fencing contractors have owners who are trade certified but hire unskilled cheap labourers for doing the work just to increase their profit level. When hiring a fencing contractor, make sure the installers are skilled. If they aren't experienced, you may run the risk of getting a fence installed that's not built as per specifications as a result of which it may collapse with strong wind. When you know that your fabricators are certified, you do not need to worry and can get a durable, strong fence offering great look and functionality. 

Are your installers insured? 

This is an important question as well. So, make sure the fencing contractor you hire in Perth has adequate insurance. When installers are insured, you and your tradesmen both can be well protected. If by any chance, you do not ask this question and find later when any injury takes place that the fencing contractor doesn't have any or adequate insurance, then as a home-owner you will be liable. 

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