Monday, 11 January 2016

Reducing Engine Blow by Using Oil Treatment

When a car begins to age, regular wear and tear can form gaps within the movable internal parts of an engine which may result in blow-by. It is a particular condition that takes place due to combustion leakage through valve stem guides and piston rings. Fortunately, the blow-by condition can be reduced as well as eliminated by using regular engine oil treatment. Oil additives can increase viscosity of engine oil and help in filling the gaps created because of wear and tear. They can also condition dry and worn oil seals for stopping valve cover leakage and engine oil pan.

Given below is a step-by-step which you can follow for reducing blowby with the help of engine oil treatment:

Things Required:

  • Car owner’s manual
  • Shop towels
  • Funnel
  • Treatment product


First, let the engine cool down prior to performing work.

After that, remove the car’s ignition keys to ensure that the engine would not get activated in any way. Move the shift lever to park position if your car has automatic transmission. In case it is standard shift, shift to first gear. Do not forget to set the emergency brake, just to make sure that car does not start to move on its own.

Now lift up the hood of your car and find the oil filler cap. Many filler caps come with an embedded image on them of an oil can. If you cannot find it, make use of the owner’s manual for identifying its correct location.

Turn the cap in anticlockwise direction and remove it. Some caps behave like plugs and can easily be removed by directly pulling them out using a twisting motion. You can utilise a shop towel for gripping the cap if necessary.

Place the funnel on top of the filler tube.

Pour in the treatment product through the funnel. Use only as much as has been dictated by recommendations of the product manufacturer. Make sure that funnel is clean and free from impurities.

While removing the funnel after you have poured in the treatment, hold a towel near the spout to catch drippings and prevent them from landing on the engine. Replace the cap on the filler tube and gently lower the hood, closing it securely.

Now insert the ignition keys and activate your engine. Let it get heated up to the usual operating temperature. This would enable the treatment product to blend completely with the engine oil.

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