Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Expert Is A Must But Why?

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Expert Is A Must But Why? There are many DIY methods that can be used for cleaning carpets. But doing the job of carpet cleaning all by oneself may not always produce satisfactory results. Some of the top carpet manufacturers in Australia always advise to hire a professional carpet cleaner after every 12-18 months (or 3-4 months for high traffic homes having kids and pets). There are many reasons which can be used for justifying the importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Some of them have been mentioned below. Have a look: 

Reason 1: Expertise and Knowledge

  • Professionals have the training needed for determining the best pre-treatments as well as different types of carpet cleaning methods and solutions required to remove tough stains or dirt.
  • They are well knowledgeable about different types of cleaning formulas and know which solution would work best in what situation.
  • They have knowledge about the different carpet fabric and fibre types, which helps them to determine what type of cleaning method would be ideal and not hamper the quality of the product. 
  • They have industry training certifications in various types of cleaning procedures, mould and mildew prevention methods, restoration and more.

Reason 2: Methods and Equipment:

Reason 2: Methods and Equipment:

A professional cleaner always has authorised access to the following:

  • Powerful and strong extraction equipment that helps to remove water, prevent mildew and mold growth and accelerate the drying time.
  • Knowledge in different cleaning methods such as dry-cleaning, upholstery cleaning or steam cleaning in Perth
  • High heat arrangements to sanitize the carpet and kill tiny dust mites, bacteria and bugs. 
  • The right type of modernised, cleaning formulas and tools to handle the job in the right and systematic way. 
  • Powerful and strong vacuums that are effective in removing hidden dirt, pollutants and allergens such as cockroach droppings, soil contaminated with petroleum or lead or animal dander.
  • Extraction equipment and neutralizers that help to remove traces of repetitive cleaning solution which attracts dirts 
  • Expertise treatments for removing stains and spills, reducing cleaning demands, extending the life span of carpets and protecting their fibres.

Reason 3: Protection of investment:

They can also help to save money by doing the following:

Helping you to avoid incompetent cleaning methods that shorten the life of a carpet, cause frequent re-stretching, matting or shrinking, or terminate the warranty period.
Preserving the integrity of a carpet by avoiding the methods that may cause yellowing or visible tiny spots. 

Thus, we see that there are several reasons as well as advantages of hiring professional carpet cleaners. However, one must meticulously consider a number of things while hiring an efficient carpet cleaning service

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