Monday, 7 March 2016

Emergency Situations That You Should Prepare For

Emergency situations generally arise all of a sudden, and it can sometimes be every difficult to tackle them due to lack of inadequate measures. They generally include accidental fires or floods, catastrophic weather events, power loss, sickness, etc. These mishaps can take place anytime, but there is an effective way to deal with them. And that way is popularly known as ‘prepping’, which technically means preparation for emergencies in advance.

There are several emergency situations that one should remain prepared for, some of which have been described below:

Cataclysmic Weather Events

In order to start prepping for sudden natural calamities, it is important to stock everything required to fulfil basic biological and comfort needs for a minimum of 72 hours. 
These can include:
  • Food and plenty of water, along with disposable cups and plates
  • Medicines and first aid supplies
  • Sanitary supplies
  • Communication devices
  • Basic tools like wrench, hammer, etc.
  • Radio (with batteries or something that can be used for charging it)
  • LED lantern or flashlights
  • Entertainment (books, games, cards)

Flood or Fire

Floods and fires are quite common, and can take place anywhere at any time. The first thing that can be done for preparing against them is getting sufficient insurance coverage on all possessions and the house. Keeping a dehumidifier and a fire extinguisher ready at home would also be prudent. One should procure the contacts of fire fighters and local emergency services such as those performing water damage restorations well in advance.


Illnesses such as cancer, ruptured appendix, etc. can be onerous for the affected person as well as their loved ones. Besides expensive medical bills, there can be other expenses like travelling to another state for obtaining treatments, changing home or school, etc. The best way to stay prepared for illnesses is securing additional coverage on one’s life insurance plan. Each and every possibility must be considered meticulously so that the obstacles can be addressed even before they arise.

Power Loss

People generally stay prepared for tackling small complications resulting from power outage caused by bad weather. But not everyone considers the possibility of disruptions that can occur suddenly due to scheduled repairs and freak accidents. At times, a sudden blackout can last even for a few days. It is better to stock in 2 to 3 days worth basic requirements in preparation for power loss. Solar chargers, camp stoves, etc. can also come in handy. A gasoline generator can prove to highly beneficial in case multiple houses in a block or building suffer from a blackout.

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