Sunday, 20 March 2016

How To Clean A Leather Sofa?

Sofa or couch is an important furniture in the living room. Guests come and sit here when they visit your house. Family members too spend some of their relaxing moments sitting in couch watching TV or listening to music. It is a luxurious piece and needs to be maintained well. If you want to know how to clean it and maintain it well, here it is for you. 

Clean your leather sofa regularly using a duster. Don't let dust accumulate on it. Also wipe it with a moist rag once in a while. But don't try to use harsh chemicals as they may damage & discolour your sofa. Buy a product specially designed for your leather upholstery in that case if you want the material to remain intact. If you do not want to spend money buying the product, you can attempt to make a cleaning solution at your home using white vinegar. All you need to do is mix equal parts of water and white vinegar for making it. 

After you've made it, apply it to the couch. But don't use it directly to the surface of the sofa. Rather, apply it to the rag and then wipe it all over the leather surface. Work in a grid pattern so that you do not miss any part. Keep one thing in mind that the rag must be damp and not completely wet. 

Then use a fresh and dry rag for wiping the leather clean. Once you are done with all these things, make sure to make a solution with vinegar and flax oil or linseed in 1:2 proportion and rub that onto the sofa in grid pattern using another clean and fresh rag. Allow the solution to stay on the couch for about eight hours. Take another clean and fresh rag and then wipe the couch with it after eight hours. This is going to make the leather shiny and healthy just like new. 

You won't even understand that this is your old sofa, which you bought several years before. Just try this out and you will see that it works wonders. It doesn't involve a lot of hard work as well and you will get great results without much hassle or spending much of your hard earned money. 

Even then if you think that cleaning a leather sofa is not your cup of tea, then hire professionals who deal with furniture cleaning in Perth. If you search online, you can find a number of companies offering furniture cleaning services to its clients. Take free quotes from them, read their reviews and select the one who you find is best fit to do your job. 

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