Friday, 29 July 2016

6 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Scratching Your Carpet

Dogs love scratching or digging. But this innate behaviour can sometimes damage expensive household items. Before we proceed to how you can stop your dog from scratching your carpet, you must first learn the reasons behind this behaviour.  

Why do dogs scratch carpets? 

Dogs usually have a tendency to scratch or dig – that's their innate behaviour, which in fact become very annoying at times, especially when they to start to scratch costly household items. 

Some breeds of dogs like Daschshunds and Terriers even have very sensitive noses. So what they do is smell if rodents are present under the house and that provokes them to scratch the carpet or dig a hole in the flooring material. 

A lot of dogs when they get bored resort to this kind of behaviour. They sometimes even express their frustration and anxiety by doing so. But this is also true that dogs can scratch carpets or furniture just in order to seek attention. 

What to do in such instances? 

If your pet has already scratched your carpet, then carpet patching is the only option for you to get it repaired. Also make sure to stop your pet from scratching your precious household item. In order to do this give an alternative to your pet & train him in a way so that he understands that this behaviour is nor right. 

How to stop dogs from scratching carpets? 

1. Some dogs scratch or dig to release their extra energy. If your one scratches while he is playing, it could mean that needs to do some exercise or play. In such a case, take him for a play with him or just take him for a walk. This will restrain his craving to dig or scratch.

2. Dogs have a tendency to dig ground in order to make a cosy and soft bed. So, what you can do is offer a comfortable & warm bed to your dog or a pile of think blankets. Remember to put the bed in an area where he generally scratches and make him know that's his bed. If you want, you can even put some sort of special treats on the bed to make him to go there.

3. Sometimes skin diseases or rashes cause dogs to scratch or rub their stomach on carpet. So, when they have itching & skin irritation that's the time they scratch vigorously. If your pet is facing the same problem, take him to a veterinarian and get the condition treated.

4. Trim the nails of your dog when needed; this is because you may find him scratching to file down his claws otherwise. When you trim the nails and keep them short, you can be sure that he won't be able to cause much damage your carpet.

5. Scratching the carpet isn't a good habit. So whenever your dog involves himself in such a kind of activity, make him understand that it's not the right behaviour. Train him. It may take a few weeks for him to learn but he'll eventually realise that he should not do this.

6. You can also gift him an inexpensive rug, which he can scratch as much as he likes. But place that rug where he takes rest or scratches to protect your flooring material from damage. 

Always keep these tips in mind. They can be of great help to you in protecting your carpet from getting damaged further. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Break Bulk vs. Container Shipping

Around the year, all the goods shipped across oceans are accounted for only about 5 percent by air freight. The rest of the cargo, that is over 95 percent of shipments, move via water transportation. For instance, computer parts produced in China are more likely to enter the United Kingdom or United States of America through sea freight. In general, there are two primary types of sea freight - break bulk and container shipping.

According to logistics operation experts, container shipping came into being around 1956. The International Organisation for Standardisation declared the standard sizes for containers in 1961. The service gradually started gaining substantial importance on the forefront of global trade. At present, there are a wide range of containers used for transporting everything from leather goods to tennis shoes. They include open end, open top, open side, flat rack, half height, liquid build, refrigerated, standard dry and modular options. For example, goods that are temperature-sensitive can be stacked inside refrigerated containers.

Containers carrying cargo are generally stacked on board or within deep holds of a ship. Due to being sealed long before they are actually shipped, containers serve as a highly secure way to move various items overseas. Some of them can be easily loaded on railroad cars or truck-beds, which allows them to be moved out of ports without any wastage of time in unloading.

Let’s talk about break bulk shipping a bit. This technique of transporting cargo overseas has been in existence since times immemorial. Earlier, break bulk shipping was very much inefficient due to risk of thefts, wastage, damage during loading and unloading, etc. In the modern times, however, the service has improved dramatically because of advanced navigation systems and availability of theft deterring technologies. 

There are plenty of logistics management companies in UK that provide break bulk shipping services. Items that are not moved via containers, basically loose material, get packaged into bags and cardboard boxes. After that, the boxes and bags filled with loose goods are loaded inside a ship.

Both container shipping and break bulk have their own unique advantages. While the former streamlines the procedure by reducing turnover at ports, the latter makes it easy to handle cargo for ports that do not have cranes to hoist containers and are incapable of accommodating big container ships. However, each of the services are used by many exporters and therefore, play an important role in international trade.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What Kind Of Services Do Automotive Locksmiths Provide?

Car problems do not always mean fuel deficiency or engine failure. If suddenly the keys to your ride stop working one fine morning, will you not identify it as a problem? Of course you would. But who are supposed to call for help when your keys stop functioning or you get locked out of your car? Well, none other than professional automotive locksmiths in Sydney. They are experts who specialise in everything related to locks present in vehicles.

In general, most automotive locksmiths offer a variety of services ranging from cutting and replacing keys to making transponders. Let’s have a look at those services in detail:

Key Cutting

In case you have misplaced or lost the keys to your car recently or they got stolen along with some other possession, you may think that there is no other way to drive the vehicle except hotwiring it. But hotwiring can sometimes spell trouble, including the risk of electrocution. To steer clear of all these hassles, all you need to do is hire a professional who cuts automotive keys. Without waiting for days, you might be able to get your keys on the spot.

Car & Garage Remote Malfunctions

Car locksmiths also specialise in reprogramming automotive transponders and fobs. They are also skilled at fixing issues with remote controlled garage doors. So if you find that your transponder key  or garage remote control is not working, just contact your local automotive locksmith and have them come over for checking out the problem.

Emergency Lockout

Did you ever get locked out of our own car? If yes, then you might have thought about lifting the door lock using a cloth hanger or breaking the window glass. But these so-called solutions can actually amplify your problem instead of alleviating it. Nearly all reputed automotive locksmiths offer emergency lockout service for opening cars that have got locked from the inside. And the best thing is that emergency lockout service is available 24/7, be it early in the morning or late at night.

Extracting Broken Keys

Extracting a broken key from a car or ignition lock requires extreme care as well as finesse. And attempting to do so on your own can result in a damaged door or ignition keyhole. Fortunately, automotive locksmiths in Sydney have expertise in this task too.

So now you know what services you can opt for from your local car locksmith company. Therefore, next time you have a broken car key, a malfunctioning remote or a locked car, just contact the professional and ask for assistance.