Monday, 8 August 2016

Fortifying Your Garage Door

Most car owners would admit the fact the garage is an important part of their residence. Unfortunately, it is also the common target of burglars who are in the illegal trade of stealing and selling off private vehicles. Sometimes, it may be also be used by thieves for gaining entry into a house. That is why, securing the door of a garage is a vital matter that nobody can afford to ignore.

There are several measures that you can implement to fortify the door of your garage. First, let’s take a look at the different types of locks you may use for strengthening its security:


Making use of anchors involves securing the door to a number of bolts driven in the ground. They provide a significant amount of protection from intruders.


Padlock protection for a garage gate includes utilisation of a heavy gauge metallic hasp and a sturdy padlock. The padlock is locked by the hasp in place to block the door from being opened.


They are similar to a deadbolt, but longer and more secure. They work by means of a lever that can be turned to block the tract on which the gate is supposed to move.

Besides installing a suitable lock, there are several security factors that need to be taken into account. Regular maintenance is one of them. Apart from that, following are the things that you may have to take care of:

  • Prevent A Remote Controlled Door From Getting Hacked - Car thieves may use certain devices that can actually intercept the code within the remote control of a garage door and repeat the exact code for providing access. In order to safeguard your garage from such devices, get help from automotive locksmiths in Sydney. They may be able to issue a remote control that is unhackable.

  • Get Any Damage Fixed Quickly - In case your garage gate has got any crack or hole in it, have the damage repaired as soon as possible. These kind of chinks can turn out to be advantageous for burglars and reduce the time needed for them to break in. Therefore, arrange for their timely repair to ensure sufficient protection. 

Thus, these are the things you can do to keep your garage safe from perpetrators and unwanted intruders. And as has been mentioned already, make sure you inspect the gate for general wear & tear every now and then. Address even the tiniest of issues promptly.