Monday, 26 September 2016

How To Create And Maintain A Healthy Office Environment?

There are numerous benefits of creating and maintaining a healthy office environment. Working in a clean workplace not only helps to increase the overall productivity of the business, but also allows the employees to maintain a positive attitude towards their work. Stated below are some of the easiest methods of creating and maintaining a healthy workplace environment. Have a look at them – 

1. Get moving – Encouraging regular activities and exercises is an appreciable way to improve the general health of each and every office staffs. This can be done by organising some after-work sporting activities or going for a short walk during the lunch time. Using stairs instead of lifts is also a good practice that helps to keep the employees fit. 

2. Indoor plants – Having some indoor plants within the office premises can not only provide health benefits to the employees but also improve the aesthetic appearance of the work place. So it is better to utilise free spaces such as corners, side of the desks, etc by placing some beautiful and eye catchy indoor plants. 

3. Opening one or two windows – Opening the windows allow fresh and natural air to enter into the office. It not only minimizes the need for air conditioners, but also provides many health benefits to the workers such as improved heart rate and blood pressure, positive attitude, enhanced digestive & immune system, and more. 

4. Keeping the things clean – Another way to maintain a healthy environment is by keeping the office premises neat and clean. A dirty workplace, no doubt, will create a bad impression, resulting in negative attitude among employees. On the other hand, keeping the things fresh and clean can really solve the matter. However, in order to get a pleasing outcome, it is better to appoint a professional expert providing commercial cleaning in Perth who can do the cleaning job efficiently.

5. Getting fruity – Place a bowl full of fruits and invite each staff member to have some pieces of fruits. This will minimise their tendency of intaking unhealthy snacks. Using seasonal fruits is the best option to keep the workers healthy and happy. Some of the common fruits include apple (good source of Vitamin C), grapes (Loaded with Vitamin A, B6 and C), blackberries (great antioxidant lutein source) and so on.

All the aforementioned tips are some great ways to maintain a healthy, happy and cheerful environment in the office premises. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cleaning Vinyl Floors Is Not A Herculean Task

Vinyl flooring is a fantastic alternative to its wooden peer. It is also very durable and visually appealing. It lasts longer compared to other materials even when installed in high traffic areas. However, vinyl is obviously not invincible and requires maintenance just like carpeting or timber floors in order to retain its eye-catching appearance longer.

Cleaning vinyl floors is not at all an onerous task, rather an inexpensive and simple procedure. Regular mopping with water and some mild solution can easily eliminate common dirt & dust. However, prior to using water, vacuuming the entire surface thoroughly may help to remove loose dirt, hair and other tiny debris.

Once the task of extensive vacuuming is over, the vinyl floors will have to cleaned with a mixture of 1 gallon water and 1 cup cider vinegar. Since vinegar has acidic properties, it would help to mop away tough grime and dirt without leaving behind a waxy or soapy buildup. Adding a few drops dishwashing soap to the concoction can be prudent if the surface is excessively dirty. For imparting a natural shine, a small amount of baby oil must also be combined with the water and vinegar solution.

In order to get rid of stubborn marks, the affected areas must be rubbed with a towel and some jojoba oil. For stains of tomato sauce, grape juice, mustard, ketchup and the like, cleaning them with a paste of water and baking soda should do the trick. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is bound to work wonders for ink, hair dye and lipstick stains. In addition to that, paint, marker and crayon spots can be eliminated using mineral spirits.

Apart from making the existing dirt and stains go away, steps must also be taken to prevent future ones. Placing a rug or door mat at the entryway can keep grime and grit from entering the house and onto the vinyl flooring. 

In case the floor covering gets scratched or abraded accidentally at the time of cleaning it should be salvaged by calling an expert specialising in vinyl repairs in Perth as soon as possible.

When exercising regular maintenance, never should a vinyl flooring be vacuumed with the beater-bar attachment or rubbed with steel wool. It is also important to avoid using abrasive cleaners, ammonia-based solutions and solvent-based polishes.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Corporate Identity And Its Significance

A corporate identity is a physical manifestation of a brand - it conveys the personality, quality and value of an organisation. It also tends to shape the feelings of customers. An identity is basically a means of expressing a company's character, culture, and quality of its services & products. 

Significance of corporate identity

Used for promotional purposes
A corporate identity could include a logo and other  essentials, such as the organization's website, letterhead and business cards among many. All these can be used fir promotional purposes of a brand. For example, a business owner can distribute promotional items such as pens, mugs, custom printed polo shirts and bags by embossing the unique logo of his company.

Creates a clear visual identity
A clear visual identity is established for an organization and its services, products, divisions and brand when a strong corporate identity is made. It also helps in standardizing the visual presentation of an organization across various media consistently. 

A recognition for the organisation
The significance of a strong corporate identity is that customers are more likely to remember the product and services provided by a organization. A proper and strategically designed corporate identity helps to embed the firm's image in the minds of potential customers. Even if a customer is unaware of a particular product by a business, he or she is likely to trust the products if he/she feels convinced by the identity. 

Shows an image of quality
A strong corporate identity for an organization,  helps to portray an image of quality in front of the target audience. This can attract loyalty from existing customers and attract new clients at the same time.  

Improves customer's awareness
A consistent corporate identity is vital as it reinforces the image of a business to its existing customers every time they see it. Also, it increases the organisation's competitive edge because the identity dictates how customers perceive and interpret the brand. 

A functional corporate identity conveys a sense of what the organisation is all about - its motives, ideals and objectives. Corporate identity is also an important factor in the marketplace as it affects the purchase behaviour of the customers. It helps in getting a foothold in the  market and ensures that an organisation to be remembered, recognised and respected.