Friday, 2 December 2016

Wet Carpet Restoration – An Overview

A homeowner can experience a water damage situation at any point of time due to various reasons, such as leakage of water from the pipe, excess rain water entering inside the house or water overflowing from a washing machine. This kind of occurrence may sound simple, but can cause serious damage, especially to the carpets. And once that happens, sucking out the water from the carpet and letting the flooring material dry would not be enough to salvage the problem. If you, as a homeowner, ever face this type of unwanted mishap, then without any hesitation, call a professional who can provide wet carpet restoration service Make sure that your preferred service provider has a good reputation and experienced people working under them who can complete the job efficiently & will charge competitively. 

Wet carpets generally have a tendency to get affected with mildew and mould growth. In order to prevent that, it is crucial to clean out the excess water with the help of a heater or air dryer as soon as possible. However, professionals providing water damage restoration use other techniques of scooping out the excess moisture from the carpet and prevent formation of bacteria, bad odour and mould. 

A professional water damage restoration expert usually provides the following wet carpet restoration services, have a look – 

1. Removal of carpet padding – Carpet paddings are usually layered beneath the carpet area and it is hard to discover whether the paddings have completely dried or not in the wake of a water damage accident. In order to ensure full safety, most professional water damage restorers remove the carpet paddings and either suggest replacing them, or drying them completely with appropriate equipment in order to save the carpet from any further damage such as formation of bacteria, mildew growth.

2. Deodorising and disinfecting – As stated earlier that wet carpets can form bacteria and emit bad odours, it is very important to dry them completely as soon as possible. A professional knows how to remove moisture the right way with proper tools and equipment. Therefore, homeowners should never use DIY methods and rather let a professional take care of the task using standard procedures. Not only would the expert dry the carpet fast, but also disinfect it with commercial grade products and then use effective deodorising agents.

Thus, the first and foremost thing that you must keep in mind while experiencing water damage emergencies is to remain calm and act smartly. And don't hesitate to call a professional who can take care and handle the situation in a proper manner.