Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bespoke Furniture Tips For Home Renovations

Home renovation projects are exciting in their own right, since they are generally aimed at transforming or upgrading old, boring & less useful essentials of a residence to utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing features. However, if you own a studio apartment or loft, which have become trendsetters in the UK housing market, you might want to include bespoke furniture or replace the existing ones with customised options. What’s better is that this idea works for any regular sized house too.

So, when you are undertaking a home renovation and wish to incorporate bespoke furniture, it would be great if you begin with your bedroom. As sleeping spaces in most households are generally quite small, you can consider investing in wardrobes and dressers that are perfectly proportioned, particularly if you don’t have a closet in your bedroom. Make sure that you get them customised effectively for featuring storage and shelving options. Doing so would not only allow you to achieve a precise and tidy look, but also help in maximising the available space.

After the storage furniture items, that is, the dresser, wardrobe and closet, comes the bed. And the main thing that you need to get customised in it is the bed frame. By going bespoke, you can have the frame crafted using the exact dimensions and materials that you want.

A personalised dining space is also something that you would not want to miss out on. If you want to keep things simple, then opting for a regular custom-fitted table and bespoke chairs will be great for you. Otherwise, for augmenting the aesthetic appeal and comfort level of the dining space, go for upholstered chairs and a table featuring a glass top.

Coming to the living space, you can invest in a nice, bespokely designed entertainment centre and hike up both the aesthetics and utility of the room. A glass-panel fitted cabinet may also be a great addition for showcasing your collectibles, chinaware, books, etc. A coffee table designed with hidden storage space can serve as the focal point of the space. You may use the extra storage for keeping your magazines, newspapers, remotes, and other nitty gritty items neatly organised.

But before you even start planning all of these, try to locate reliable and experienced furniture makers in Berkshire. Do some research over the Internet and see which are the reputed professionals in your locality.

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